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How They Met

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

How They Met

In the process of creating my solo show “What They Said About Love,” I interviewed dozens of couples and found out all kinds of things about them—including how they met. There’s something endlessly entertaining about learning how two people, especially future spouses, first came into each other’s orbit. These are some of the stories that made their way into my solo show.

Matt and Gabby met the old-fashioned way: online. Matt tells me, “We met on Craigslist. I posted an ad, and the basic gist of it was, like, I really don't think I'm going to meet my life partner on Craigslist, but I'd love to meet somebody to date and have fun with basically.” His wife Gabby says, “It was very honest and a little bit sexual, and, like, so funny. It totally made me laugh out loud.” So, they met.

Next up, Sarah and Connor. Connor begins: “We met at a Halloween party. She was in full skeleton makeup. Like, the whole Day of the Dead kind of thing.” Sarah tells me, “He was dressed as a voting booth. It was very cute. He had, like, a box with a little curtain. And you could open it, and go in there, and There was a ballot with hanging chads. This was 2004.”

Allow me to introduce you to Sandrine and Mark. Sandrine says, “We met in the summer at some small club in the Tenderloin. Mark flirted with me, and with my roommate…and fair enough—” Mark jumps in: “There was a fierce combat. Sandrine won between the two. She won, so—” Sandrine cuts him off: “But it turned out that Mark had pockets and I didn’t. And so he had my stuff in his pockets, and then it ended up getting left there. So then, the next day, we did a little email exchanging. And then we met up, took a walk, and—the rest is history!”

Rick and Bridget are bikers and self-described metal heads. Rick tells me, “Bridget had a motorcycle, and it wasn’t running, and somebody told her to go get sparkplugs. So, she comes into the shop, and I remembered: that’s the girl I’m supposed to be flirtin’ with. So, I decided to proceed with the flirtation. So, I rang her up for the sparkplugs, but I rang her up under my name—for the discount. Took a little highlighter, highlighted my phone number, and gave her the receipt. I didn’t say anything. Let fate do its thing.”

Bridget says, “And I was like, I wonder if that guy gave me a discount, because he probably should have if he was gonna be, ya know, flirtin’ with me like that. Well, the sparkplugs didn’t do the trick. So, I gave Rick a call—just to come help me fix my bike. But he showed up at my door, with his hair down, and did this hair flip thing. And then couldn’t fix my bike! I think he came to look at the bike twice, and the second time we ended up going out for drinks.”

Rick says, “I couldn’t fix it all in one day. It’s still broken actually. Just in case, it’s still broken.”

It’s still broken. And they’re still together.

Enjoy stories like this? Book a performance of “What They Said About Love.” The script is also available as a play that can be performed by a full cast.

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