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Get Audiences to RAVE about you

Have you ever had a problem creating an emotional connection with customers? Have you ever had a problem selling your products and services? Have you ever had a problem getting people to remember what you sell? If so, you’re probably not making adequate use of stories and storytelling. It’s crucial to use stories in your speeches, presentations, and marketing materials. Data, statistics, numbers—they have their place. But if you want to move and inspire your colleagues and customers, facts and figures won’t cut the mustard. Research shows that you need to tell stories—compelling stories—and tell them well. What kinds of stories? You might tell Origin Stories—stories about how your company got its start. Or you might tell Accomplishment Stories—stories about goals you’ve set and achieved and other professional triumphs. You’ll share these stories on your websites, marketing materials, and packaging, and at conferences, trade shows, and networking events. As a result, audiences—anyone reading, watching, and listening—will RAVE about you. RAVE is an acronym for the benefits, results, and rewards you’ll reap from incorporating stories into your speeches, presentations, and marketing messages. Give me an R! When you share your origin story, accomplishment story, or any tale, audiences, customers, and colleagues will be far more likely to Remember you and what you do. Give me an A! Stories will motivate customers to Act on your product offerings—meaning, they’ll buy them. Give me a V! With a good story, you and your company’s perceived Value will rise, enhancing your brand. Give me an E! Well told stories will elicit an Emotional response, so people will emotionally connect with you and your brand. There you have it: RAVE. Want your target audiences to remember you, act on your offers, value you, and emotionally connect? Tell stories and tell them well and you’ll reap the rewards. For more information about integrating stories into your speeches, presentations, or marketing materials or to schedule a time to chat about bringing me into your organization to lead one of my workshops, please Contact Me.

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