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It's All in the Delivery

I know you’ve been wondering, “What does delivering speeches have in common with delivering babies?” It’s a burning question for many of us. So, based on extensive research, here’s my answer:

The stakes are high.

It feels like your life is on the line.

Good lighting is important.

It’s a labor of love.

There may be crying involved.

Some people take longer than others.

It’s an unpredictable process.

You may want to record it on video.

The delivery can be agonizingly slow.

It’s viewed as a “crowning” achievement.

When it’s all over, it’s appropriate to smoke a cigar.

You may swear you’ll never do it again, but you probably will.

Here’s another question I get a lot: “How is a rough draft of a speech like a baby?

It keeps you up at night.

You enjoyed conceiving it.

You didn’t do it alone.

It may take you nine months to deliver.

You need to name it.

It’s messy.

It needs to be nurtured.

It hasn’t found its legs yet.

It is full of promise and potential.

It isn’t yet making itself fully understood.

You spend months carrying it around.

But there’s a bright side

Your speech doesn’t require diapers…

And you don’t have to put it through college.

Need help delivering a baby? Steve Budd can’t help. Need help nursing a draft along or delivering a speech? Steve Budd can help. Got questions? Want to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation? Get in Touch.

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